VAI’s S2K Distribution / Manufacturing Success!

Autumn Harp, Inc.

Autumn Harp"Manufacturing work orders are completely flexible, allowing staff to close out when part of an order has been made - whether for 1,000 or 50,000 items - and come back to it later. Finding out standard costs is quick and painless, and old invoices or other documents can be easily retrieved at the drop of a hat. In time savings alone, I estimate the new system will save the company $100,000 a year, and it will boost productivity and reliability."

Bruce Bove,
Information Systems Manager, Autum Harp

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"Dani has acted as our consultant and his firm’s performance has been excellent. Their experiences enables us to analyze our business issues and resolve them quickly. I’ll be happy to recommend them to anybody considering using their services."
Jim DeLalla
Vice President & Treasurer,
Jean Patou Inc.