VAI’s S2K Distribution Success!

Seacore Seafood

Seacore SeafoodWith VAI’s S2K for Food we utilize many aspects of the package, such as the Route Manager, we also use the Catch Weight Items feature, and we use the VAI’s S2K e-commerce which allows us to provide an excellent service to our customers.

Sal Battaglia
Director of Operations, Seacore Seafood

Seacore SeafoodWith VAI’s S2K we have a quicker turnaround in terms of looking at our Financial results. I am able to create Balance Sheet and Financial Statements for any given time period. All the information is at our fingertips.

Massimo Prevedel
Controller, Seacore Seafood

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"Dani has acted as our consultant and his firm’s performance has been excellent. Their experiences enables us to analyze our business issues and resolve them quickly. I’ll be happy to recommend them to anybody considering using their services."
Jim DeLalla
Vice President & Treasurer,
Jean Patou Inc.