VAI’s S2K Distribution Success!

Waytek Wire

Waytek Wire"The company has picked up 1,000 new customers since the integrated distribution and web system was installed. We've secured a number of very good, large customers out of this. We've experienced at least a 10% increase in revenues and a 30% increase in inventory turns with VAI’s S2K, all of which eases cash flow and boosts the bottom line. In ROI terms, we've paid for VAI’s S2K within a year."

Bob Lamoreaux
Controller, Waytek Wire, Inc.

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"Dani has acted as our consultant and his firm’s performance has been excellent. Their experiences enables us to analyze our business issues and resolve them quickly. I’ll be happy to recommend them to anybody considering using their services."
Jim DeLalla
Vice President & Treasurer,
Jean Patou Inc.