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Just a few real life VAI’s S2K Success Stories

  • Imperial Bag (distributor)


  • Black River Produce


    Seth Lippincott, Rebecca Wettemann


    Black River Produce deployed VAI S2K Enterprise for Food with a voice warehouse picking system to transform the business model from a manual system, replace an enterprise planning application, and support its future growth plans. Nucleus found that the project enabled Black River Produce to increase efficiency, visibility, and accountability. Key benefits included increased productivity, reduced losses from shrinkage and errors, and increased customer satisfaction.

    ROI: 45%

    Payback - 2.3 years

    Average annual benefit: $ 1,188,529



    Black River Produce is a food service distributor located in North Springfield, Vermont. It has delivered fresh and frozen provisions from local farms and regional markets to buyers throughout Vermont, northwestern Massachusetts, half of New Hampshire, and eastern New York for more than 30 years. Local products are key to the company mission and philosophy. Employing more than 180 people, the company’s revenue exceeded $78 million in 2015.

  • Miller Paint

    Thanks to VAI’s S2K's Retail Enterprise software running on an IBM iSeries server, Miller Paint today has a comprehensive bundle of business applications that operate seamlessly - and all in real time. We were able to do 10% more transactions immediately on a daily basis. Miller Paint saw a 100% Return on Investment in just 8 months and saved $130,000 in the first year.

    Ed Selee
    Chief Financial Officer, Miller Paint

  • American Diagnostics Corp.

    ADC"With the VAI’s S2K system pricing errors have dropped by 80%. At the same time, product scanning in shipping at the packing station has enabled us to increase shipping throughput by 60% and reduce errors for an accuracy of 99.95% on order lines shipped."

    Mr. Marc Blitstein
    President, ADC




  • Waytek Wire

    "The company has picked up 1,000 new customers since the integrated distribution and web system was installed. We've secured a number of very good, large customers out of this. We've experienced at least a 10% increase in revenues and a 30% increase in inventory turns with VAI’s S2K, all of which eases cash flow and boosts the bottom line. In ROI terms, we've paid for VAI’s S2K within a year."

    Bob Lamoreaux
    Controller, Waytek Wire, Inc.



  • Sid Harvey Industries, Inc.

    Sid Harvey Industries, Inc.

    "The VAI’s S2K product brought all our branches together for greater internal efficiency that has translated into higher support levels and increased customer satisfaction and loyalty. This has eliminated all kinds of paperwork for everyone involved, freeing us up to focus on our customers' needs. In addition, their e-business application allowed us to leverage the opportunities that the web provides."

    Russ Tumsuden
    CFO, Sid Harvey, Inc.




  • Turtle Wax

    Turtle Wax"With VAI’s S2K, we've done more than reduce costs. We've improved customer service and efficiencies throughout the enterprise. VAI’s S2K has given us the tools we need to successfully compete in an extremely dynamic and highly competitive marketplace."

    Don DuBay, Director of Information
    Technology, Turtle Wax



  • Autumn Harp, Inc.

    Autumn Harp"Manufacturing work orders are completely flexible, allowing staff to close out when part of an order has been made - whether for 1,000 or 50,000 items - and come back to it later. Finding out standard costs is quick and painless, and old invoices or other documents can be easily retrieved at the drop of a hat. In time savings alone, I estimate the new system will save the company $100,000 a year, and it will boost productivity and reliability."

    Bruce Bove,
    Information Systems Manager, Autum Harp



  • Seacore Seafood

    Seacore SeafoodWith VAI’s S2K for Food we utilize many aspects of the package, such as the Route Manager, we also use the Catch Weight Items feature, and we use the VAI’s S2K e-commerce which allows us to provide an excellent service to our customers.

    Sal Battaglia
    Director of Operations, Seacore Seafood


    Seacore SeafoodWith VAI’s S2K we have a quicker turnaround in terms of looking at our Financial results. I am able to create Balance Sheet and Financial Statements for any given time period. All the information is at our fingertips.

    Massimo Prevedel
    Controller, Seacore Seafood