S2K Enterprise CRM For The 21st Century

CRM For The 21st Century

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S2K Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software improves your bottom line by strengthening customer loyalty. This CRM suite of applications is a cost-effective way to identify, acquire, develop, and retain your most profitable customers. With one central database, S2K CRM Software allows you to use your existing technology while providing an enterprise-wide view of all interactions with customers and prospects. S2K CRM Software has an integrated contact management feature that provides real-time access to all customer and product information, and marketing automation tools that generate effective, consistent and timely campaigns.

Contact Management

S2K CRM Software facilitates complete order processing and customer / prospect tracking. One comprehensive sales team dashboard allows you to:

  • Generate quotes and track specific opportunities
  • Review current order status
  • Check customer item pricing and availability
  • View account information and history
  • Create to-do lists to flag follow-up activity

S2K CRM Software gives you unlimited user defined fields, at the customer, contact, and opportunity level to provide you with a flexible database for searching and analysis plus detailed notes to help track all communications within each account. S2K CRM Software gives everyone in your organization access to the same, up-to-date information, allowing them to react quickly to customer demands and provide the highest level of customer service.

Remote Sales Team Automation

Access to customer and product information is essential to your sales team in order to be productive. S2K SalesLinx Software provides the ability to download data from the main server to a laptop, allow remote access to customer or prospect item and sales order information. Whether your sales representatives are at a customer location, a trade show, or at a remote office, they can perform important tasks including:

  • Updating, creating, or editing prospect records
  • Entering quotes or orders
  • Checking inventory and sales history
  • Reviewing order status
  • Utilizing contact management functions

Data synchronization options allow the user to transmit orders and update the database on demand or at scheduled intervals. New leads and updated information will be automatically distributed to your sales team keeping them connected and productive at all times.

Marketing Automation

Take advantage of your contact database with automated marketing campaigns that allow you to e-mail, fax or mail sales or promotional related material directly from the sales team dashboard. S2K CRM Software contains sorting criteria that enables you to select a specific target audience for your campaign. By using the group e-mail feature, you can send promotional sales information, item coupons, new product information, updated price lists and collateral information instantly. All campaign broadcast information will be noted in the contact management notes file for easy review and follow up. This powerful tool allows you to increase the relevance and timing of your marketing messages, develop long-lasting customer relationships and provide a valuable “dialog” for additional customer contact.

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