IMS-21 Document Imaging

If you have computer-generated paper output, IMS/21 document imaging and document management can eliminate or drastically reduce the problem of filing paper documents reliably, the time spent retrieving paper documents, and the cost of space to store paper files.

Here are a few areas where IMS/21 could dramatically improve the accuracy and efficiency of your operations:

  • Customer Correspondence - IMS/21 helps you keep all written and fax communications with your customers and vendors instantly accessible, along with the letters produced from your own office system.
  • Order Processing - You can include both the customer's Purchase Order and the iSeries-produced invoice in the same folio linked to the customer number or order number.
  • Packing Slips - Do you have trouble proving delivery of your goods? With IMS/21 you can link signed packing slips with customer order records and with invoices and financial accounts. If you print the order number in braced format, the packing slip can be automatically indexed when it returns. Any time you need to, you may print off a copy of any document, often with clarity better than the original.
  • Staff Records - Resumes, handwritten interview notes, doctor's certificates as well as photographs and specimens of handwriting can all be stored with IMS/21 with far greater security than with any paper-based files.
  • Property Management - You can store on-line the legal description, vendor information, leases, rental agreements, the details of floor plans and fixtures of your properties.
  • Quality Records - A Quality Management System almost always means a lot of paper documentation. IMS/21 can help you control this and link it to the production and maintenance processes to which it refers.

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