S2K Enterprise for the Web

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There is no more dynamic area of business today than e-business. It is, quite literally, changing the way all business is done. With unheard of revenues being generated in every industry, e-business and e-commerce is the way of the future and it's available to your organization right now!


Whether you are in the Wholesale Distribution, Manufacturing, or Retail industry, the more quickly and efficiently your enterprise incorporates e-business solutions, the more effectively you can begin to reap e-business benefits. Benefits that can provide increased opportunities, dramatic growth and significant profits.

Transforming your business into an e-business means transforming opportunity into revenue. At the same time, it means developing close and more effective connections with both your customers and your suppliers - so that you have greater control over your enterprise's destiny.

S2K Enterprise for the Web e-business software is a suite of applications that provides Web-based order processing and customer service capabilities for business-to-business (b2b) and/or business-to-consumer (b2c) environments. Although it is completely integrated with S2K Enterprise Enterprise Management Software, S2K Enterprise for the Web can be integrated with your existing computer software as well.

e-Commerce Software

Taking advantage of e-commerce is much more than simply opening up a new, online sales channel. It's about using technology to streamline your business model, creating savings, and increasing efficiency. At the core of this web-based application is a real time "shopping cart" and an online product catalog that will reduce both lag time and paperwork for order processing.

Payment Management

S2K Enterprise for the Web gives clients more control over their payment methods by providing the option for customer account billing and/or credit card authorization. This flexible solution allows users to customize the business logic and presentation according to specific requirements.

Customer Relationship Management

There are enormous advantages in using Internet technology to deepen and secure relationships with any and all of your customers and suppliers. Advantages like being more efficient, providing better service and locking in key relationships. S2K Enterprise for the Web provides the ability to give your customers exactly the information they want, when they want it with CRM software.

Sales Force Automation

S2K Enterprise for the Web and SalesLinx make it possible to give more personalized customer service than ever before. These dynamic products enable your sales team to access key information at each customer contact point, be it in the field, traditional face-to-face interaction, or by phone, fax and e-mail correspondence.

Enterprise Integration

S2K Enterprise's flexible design allows you to integrate your existing enterprise solution to protect your investment using accepted industry standards. For a comprehensive seamless solution, S2K Enterprise for the Web is totally integrated with S2K Enterprise's Enterprise suite of applications.

Part of an Enterprise-Wide Solution

SMC Data Systems specializes in helping manufacturing and distribution companies increase efficiency, improve customer service and augment cash flow. We do this by delivering an integrated combination of software and services for inventory control and inventory management including:

The bottom line: we understand your business challenges and work closely with you to implement the solutions that work best for your company.

We've been providing these solutions since 1980. We were here for you then, we're here for you now and we'll be here tomorrow.