Fleet Management

Through our partnership with NCS. VAI accelerates the development and deployment of mobile and wireless solutions for Direct Store Delivery (DSD), Field Sales, Pick-Up and Delivery, Inspections and Asset Management, including Proof of Delivery. The xMobility Solution Suite leverages over 25 years of mobile software design and consulting experience to deliver a mobility communications, management and application development platform that gets you up and running fast. You can use the Ready-To- Work applications as is, or rapidly customize it to meet your unique requirements.

Sales, Delivery and Merchandising

S2K   accommodates   multiple   go-to-market   strategies in the world of fast moving consumer industries. The xMobility Development Suite offers customizable work flows to support multiple product management and sales and delivery applications, including Delivery, Pre-Sales, Merchandising, Vending and Sales Force Management in both company owned and distributor organizations.

Pickup and Delivery

The S2K solution is designed to address the ever changing challenges transportation organizations face in getting the most from their fleet assets while delivering the best possible customer service.  Our solutions enable businesses to gain more driver time, optimize delivery sequences,   shorten   billing   cycles,   minimize   errors and dramatically improve vehicle tracking and driver productivity.

Proof of Delivery

Proof of Delivery is focused on capturing the essential information at the customer level, including signature capture, document imaging for store stamps and other key  paperwork,  document  archiving  through  the  use of scanning, imaging, RFID and camera technologies. These are all captured in the xMobility Solution Suite for use as required.

Fleet Management

We  offer  a  full  suite  of  location  based  solutions  from GPS tracking using super sensitive GPS chipsets, to sophisticated driver management systems that insure driver adherence to government regulations.  The S2K solution takes away the need for customers to manage multiple system integration efforts and pay multiple service fees to multiple providers.

We've been providing these solutions since 1980. We were here for you then, we're here for you now and we'll be here tomorrow.