Food Distribution with VAI S2K Software

Advanced Food Distribution Features Include:

  • Catch Weight Processing
  • Broken Case Tracking
  • Cigarette, Tobacco, and Alcohol
  • Rebates and Allowances
  • Last, Landed, Average, Salesman,
    Market Cost
  • Order Guides and Shopping Lists
  • Bid and Promotional Pricing
  • Show Order Entry and Pricing
  • C-Store Remote Order Entry
  • Lot and Shelf Life Date Tracking
  • Product Recall Reporting
  • MSA, MCAT Reporting
  • Broken Case Surcharge
  • Fuel Surcharge
  • Rule Based Item Substitutions
  • Flexible Inventory Allocations
  • Suggested Retail Price (SRP) Labels
  • Multiple UPC Numbers per Item
  • Item Restrictions
  • Private Label Items
  • Import and Landed Cost Tracking
  • Weekly Sales Analysis
  • Order Entry Call Lists
  • Load Based Discounts
  • Direct Shipment Processing
  • Multi-level Discounts
  • Return Authorization
  • Substitute Item Search
  • Complementary Items
  • Gross Profit Margin Alert

S2K Distribution Management Software has emerged as a leading cost-cutting measure for today's most competitive businesses. Our money saving technology gives companies the opportunity to integrate their distribution system and implement long term growth strategies that ensure future success. Food distribution software provides powerful information systems to enrich customer service, reduce costs, and deliver a significant return on investment. By putting our innovation to use, companies across the world can now create end-to-end integrated enterprise solutions. As part of the distribution software suite, we offer cutting edge inventory management and purchasing applications that equal superior efficiency for your business. VAI S2K comprehensive business software delivers consistent returns on your technology investment.

Customer Orders

VAI S2K Food Distribution Management Software includes an order processing application that offers complete drill-down access to customer and item information. From this powerful module users can access stock status information across all locations, view substitutions, complementary items, and sales history and access customer shopping lists or order guides for easy ordering. All orders feed a comprehensive Route Management application that allows users to review and process deliveries by route.

Inventory Management

VAI S2K Inventory Management Software gives you the comprehensive features you need to effectively and efficiently handle all your food inventory processes. With our inventory management application you have complete inventory control, you can track shipments, inventory adjustments, and receipts. Lot and Shelf Life date tracking ensure compliance with FDA Food Safety requirements. Item inquiries provide stock status with drill down to transaction details, which improves customer service. Easy access to inventory information enables you to find extensive product data, including multiple cost factors, and full case, broken case, and catch weight information.

Sales Analysis / Forecasting

VAI S2K Sales Analysis Software enables a more strategic approach to sales and inventory management. Users can quickly identify profitable or unprofitable customers and items and improve vendor and customer relations based on volumes, costs, and profitability. Sales Analysis can help identify the inventory items that represent the greatest percentage of your sales volume. It can prioritize customers and help you manage inventory stock levels. You can review weekly and monthly sales by salesperson, and determine which customers they are selling to, what items or class of items they are selling the most, and at what gross profit percent.


VAI S2K Purchasing application automates your demand planning, purchasing, and ordering process to optimize buying power across different product lines and multiple warehouses. With these tools, you can maximize your buyers' efficiency, enabling them to spend more time on profit-oriented tasks such as reducing dead stock inventory, increasing customer fill rates, negotiating pricing with suppliers, and reviewing product mix.

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