Hardgoods Distribution with VAI S2K Software

At the Touch of a Key:

  • Access stock status information across all locations and automate transfer requests
  • View substitutions, complementary items, and sales history
  • Create orders easily from past sales history or customer shopping list screens
  • Increase order totals by upselling promotional items
  • Schedule follow-up activity and track customer communications
  • View detailed shipping information, including carton contents and tracking numbers

Today, distributors must offer a broader product mix and meet increasingly sophisticated demands from more suppliers and customers. Establishing and maintaining customer loyalty is more difficult than ever. Increased competition is squeezing revenue, profits, and margins, making it harder to ensure profitability. Distributors require powerful, yet easy-to-use information systems to help them enrich customer service, reduce costs, and improve the quality of their decision making. S2K Distribution Management Software provides practical strategies to help distributors cut costs, generate new revenue streams and enhance efficiency throughout their organization.

Customer Orders

S2K Distribution Management Software includes a powerful order processing system that offers complete drill-down access to customer and item information.

Inventory Management

S2K Inventory Management Software gives you the powerful features you need to effectively and efficiently handle all your inventory processes. With our inventory management application you have complete inventory control; you can track shipments, inventory adjustments and receipts with item inquiries that provide stock status with drill down to transaction details. Easy access to inventory information enables you to find extensive product data, landed cost factors, purchasing formula data, pricing, and processing flags for each item. These features are designed for improving customer service and satisfaction.

S2K Inventory Management Software makes searching easy because you can define fields to track product specifications. You can also link substitute and complementary items to improve fill rates and encourage up-selling. Multiple units of measure can be established with conversion factors for each item. Separate bar codes for each unit of measure make it easy to track movement of product in the warehouse. Serial number and lot control features provide complete tracking and historical data. With S2K Inventory Management Software, distributors can utilize the latest inventory reordering formulas and calculate reorder points based on historical or forecasted usage, vendor lead times, and seasonal trends or demand.

Sales Analysis/Forecasting

S2K Sales Analysis Software enables a more strategic approach to sales and inventory management. Users can quickly identify profitable or unprofitable customers and items and improve vendor and customer relations based on volume, cost, and profitability. Sales Analysis can help identify the inventory items that represent the greatest percentage of your sales volume; it can prioritize customers and help you manage inventory stock levels. You can review monthly sales by salesperson, and determine which customers they are selling to, what items or class of items they are selling the most, and at what gross profit percent. Sales forecasts are a common and essential tool used for business planning. As a starting point, the S2K Forecasting application analyzes previous sales data by location, division, class, item, customer, and salesman. Using this data, multiple forecasting techniques are then applied to predict future sales patterns. Users can then adjust the forecast to accommodate factors that can not be measured or forecasted.


S2K Purchasing application automates your demand planning, purchasing, and ordering process to optimize buying power across different product lines and multiple warehouses. You can maximize your buyers' efficiency, enabling them to spend more time on profit-oriented tasks such as reducing dead stock inventory, increasing customer fill rates, negotiating pricing with suppliers, and reviewing product mix. The S2K Purchasing application offers a variety of tools and capabilities; including:

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