Inventory Tracking Systems

The S2K Inventory Management Software gives you the powerful features you need to effectively and efficiently handle all your inventory processes. With our inventory management application you have complete inventory control.



Inventory tracking highlights

  • Track inventory receipts adjustments and shipments.
  • Bar coded inventory Accounting Software  enables 99% inventory accuracy and automatic integration into the general ledger
  • Item inquiries provide stock status with drill down to transaction details.
  • Easy access to bar code inventory information enables you to find extensive product data, landed cost factors, purchasing formula data, pricing.
  • Processing flags for each item. These features are designed for improving customer service and satisfaction.
  • Define fields to track product specifications.
  • Link substitute and complementary items to improve fill rates and encourage up-selling.
  • Multiple units of measure can be established with conversion factors for each item.
  • Separate bar codes for each unit of measure make it easy to inventory and track movement of product in the warehouse.
  • Serial number and lot control features provide complete tracking and historical data.
  • Utilize the latest inventory reordering formulas to calculate reorder points based on historical or forecasted usage, vendor lead times, and seasonal trends or demand

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