Just In Time Inventory Control Systems

Having Just in Time inventory management system is more than ever important.

The warehouse management systems are critical to effectively manage your supply chain and achieve peak performance.

Implementing the latest technologies in the S2K Warehouse Management and Logistics Software will significantly improve warehouse operations, monitor Employee’s productivity and improve customer satisfaction.

S2K Warehouse Management Software highlight:

  • Monitor warehouse activities in real-time mode.
  • Minimizing data-entry errors
  • Measure the efficiency of your warehouse employees.
  • Paper-based and radio frequency processing for inventory receiving, movement and replenishments
  • Bar coded inventory enables accurate receiving, picks and ship
  • Product put-aways, order picking, shipment verification, cycle counting, bar code inventory

S2K WMS translates potential into productivity by applying proven technology to the future of your business. It offers a wide range of benefits for companies in these industries:


To become successful, distributors must increase both fulfillment speed and accuracy. By using S2K WMS to automate the picking and shipping process, distributors can locate and pick items more efficiently and accurately, expediting the fulfillment process.

These results in greater throughput, increased inventory turns, better on-time delivery, and reduced expedited freight costs.


Transferring accurate data from the warehouse and the shop floor to your enterprise application in an efficient manner is a never-ending challenge.

By automating component tracking and put-aways with S2K WMS, you can process material issues for production more efficiently. Access to accurate, up to the minute views of inventory allows you to hold only what you need when you need it, reducing carrying costs.


Using technology to assist in quickly moving products between your warehouse and your stores helps save time and increase productivity.

With S2K WMS, you can reduce congestion on the stockroom floor by knowing exactly where inventory is located. By automating the store delivery processes, retailers can quickly deliver goods and manage bar code inventory while increasing accuracy for reduced shrinkage.

We've been providing these solutions since 1980. We were here for you then, we're here for you now and we'll be here tomorrow.

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