S2K Mobile

VAI's suite of mobile applications provide both connected and disconnected transaction processing capabilities with file synchronization directly with VAI S2K Enterprise.

Order Entry App

Order Entry app is integrated with S2K enterprise, and has the ability to run both connected and disconnect from Internet. Data is synchronized between the app and the ERP system whenever internet is available. If you are constantly connected, you have the same benefits of a real-time system.

App is written native in their respective operating systems for high performance with an extremely clean interface that is simple, fast and effective for everyday use. At any given time, users can easily search the customer base, view the catalog, select products in the basket, view price and gross profit, edit the price, and store and send the order.

App is useful for placing orders by the company representatives, or can be downloaded by your customer to place their own orders. It can also be used for mobile POS system, or occasional trade shows and other events, as the app is integrated with Bluetooth capable devices such as printers, scanners and credit card readers.

Key Features:

Proof of Delivery App

Proof of Delivery app eliminates any kind of paper processing and manual entry, as it automates the whole process in between the time your delivery truck leaves your warehouse and returns.

Key Features:

Route Sales (DSD) App

Similar to Order Entry, this app allows the driver to track and load inventory on the truck, build customer orders on the fly from truck inventory, and print a customer receipt. You can create DSD routes and assign them to customers and drivers to build a schedule.

Key Features:

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