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Since establishing SMC Data Systems in 1980, we have been helping Supply Chain Companies lower their operating costs and grow their businesses. Dani's business articles about how to lower cost, streamline operations, and improve business flow were published by major magazines and can be found on our website link "Guide / Articles"

In 1992, "3X/400 Information Management Magazine" wrote a case study about how SMC Data Systems helped their client SFI grow from a 6 to 35 million dollar company in 7 years. The case study of what SMC did was compared to Cardinal Distribution, a one billion dollar company which had its own computer department. http://www.smcdata.com/awards/awardsArt.html

In 1985 Dani was invited to meet the IBM executives to discuss their Manufacturing and Distribution Software. Dani represented the Mid-Atlantic States and based on that meeting and using some of his recommendations, IBM updated its software.

Beyond the business world, Dani's areas of interest are creative writing and landscape photography that can be found on http://www.smcdata.com/gallery/

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"Dani has acted as our consultant and his firm’s performance has been excellent. Their experiences enables us to analyze our business issues and resolve them quickly. I’ll be happy to recommend them to anybody considering using their services."
Jim DeLalla
Vice President & Treasurer,
Jean Patou Inc.