About the Other Side of Dani

Writing - one of my creative outlets

I believe in living a life well lived and well balanced. My photography and my creative writing allow me and my brain to shift into a boundless space, different form the one I occupy during my working hours.

My Background as a Self-Made Man

Ben Yehuda Street Bombing - February 22, 1948

I have had to fight for survival since the age of four, when I was wounded in a bombing in Jerusalem where fifty-eight people died. My father, who was in the street looking for me, checked all the casualty lists and eventually saw my name on one of them. Because I was thought to be mortally wounded with a fractured skull, they didn’t think I’d survive the night. They therefore put my name on the dead list that was posted in the street. Read More...

My Autobiography camping with our dog

My autobiography about camping for 5 weeks with Brandy our Springer Spaniel in Canada & the National Parks that got seven 5 star reviews, can be found on Amazon.

Short Stories